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Get on board with the outrights if you want a moderate start to World Cup betting or just want to participate in what is perhaps the most popular betting market in sports.

It’s not complicated. Simply place a wager on the contest winner. And the greatest part is this market is normally open months before the festival occurs. Check it out since several online sportsbooks are already providing odds on the 2022 World Cup winner.

The highest goalscorer prize is a very popular outright market. Now that all of the teams for the event have been announced, we know players like Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Mess, Kylian Mbappe, Karim Benzema, and Robert Lewandowski will participate. So it’s now that this betting market truly takes fire. Without a doubt, they are well-liked for a cause!

World Cup Organization

The Tournament

There has never been a World Cup like the one in Qatar in 2022. Yes, there are 32 teams like the previous five incarnations, but the entire tournament takes place in only 29 days. The eight host stadiums are situated within a short radius of each other, allowing relatively minimal travel time between games for teams.

Of course, there is also the fact that the tournament is held in November and December rather than the more typical months of June and July. The following are significant times, dates, and structures to keep an eye out for:


The 32 teams that will feature in Qatar have already been announced. There are a few unexpected omissions, like Italy, the defending European Champions, but the majority of the teams you would anticipate to see in the greatest international football competition are present and accurate.

Winning five times While France will be challenging to defeat as they defend the title they victoriously won in 2018, Brazil will be seeking to win their first championship in 20 years.

However, the potential that other nations offer to the Bursa Taruhan Bola Piala Dunia 2022 is just as intriguing as the established teams’ strength. This tournament has a really global feel when you include the Latin flavour of nations like Mexico, Costa Rica, and Ecuador, the passion of South Korea, Iran, and Japan, as well as the unexpected abilities of nations like Ghana, Canada, Senegal, and Tunisia. In the end, it is what makes the World Cup beautiful.


The tournament format has been well-established. The duration was shortened to 29 days, making this edition’s 64 total matches the fewest of any with 32 teams. Four matches each day, at 10 am, 1 pm, 4 pm, and 7 pm Ireland time, will be contested in the first two rounds of the group games. Even while these early kickoffs inconvenience some people who are at work, it’s still preferable than having games late at night.

The World Cup in Qatar is also notable for the almost nonexistent amount of travel between sites; the two stadiums that are the farthest away are barely 55 kilometres apart. As a result, tournament attendees may really witness many games in a single day. Some may even go to four if they are feeling really daring.

Regarding the World Cup Competition

For the first time ever, the World Cup will be held in the Middle East in 2022 in Qatar. After the edition that was jointly hosted by Japan and Korea in 2002, this is only the second tournament to be held in Asia.

With fewer than three million citizens, Qatar has the smallest population of any nation that will host the World Cup. With barely 11,000 km of land, it is also the smallest nation in terms of area. Because of this, the eight host locations are separated by the smallest distance of any event.

The two closest stadiums are just five kilometres apart, whereas the two furthest stadiums are only 55 kilometres apart. As a result, spectators will be able to attend games in several locations on the same day. Doha, the country’s capital, is home to four of the host locations.

To host the game, Qatar is said to have spent $6.5 billion building a stadium and training grounds. However, Brazil’s anticipated expenditure of roughly $15 billion to host the tournament in 2014 dwarfs that sum.

History of the competition

Only eight nations have won the World Cup, which is now in its 22nd iteration, making them the only ones to do so. With five overall victories, Brazil holds the record for most victories. Both Germany and Italy have won the competition on four times.

Germany’s Miroslav Klose holds the record for most goals scored with 16 throughout four World Cups. German footballer Thomas Mueller leads the pack of active players with 10 goals. Cristiano Ronaldo of Portugal and Luis Suarez of Uruguay each have seven goals to their names.

Harry Kane of England, who won the Golden Boot award four years ago, has six, the same amount as James Rodriguez of Colombia, Neymar of Brazil, and Lionel Messi of Argentina. With this World Cup betting season, the majority of those players are among the favourites to win the Golden Boot.

Interesting World Cup Statistics

Many World Cup betting sites have France as their favourite. The French would become the first team to defend their title since Brazil won back-to-back championships in 1958 and 1962 if they were to go on to win the competition.

Brazil was the last team from outside the region to win the championship back in 2002. In subsequent years, European countries have dominated the sport. However, Brazilians are among the favourites to win the World Cup according to online bookmakers.

The World Cup’s current 32-team format will end with the enlarged 2026 competition, which will have 48 participants. With only 29 days separating the first match and the championship match, this World Cup has the shortest schedule out of the six editions with 32 teams. The short time between games will undoubtedly strain teams, so take that into account when placing your World Cup wagers.

The smallest distances between venues are seen in this World Cup, with the two stadiums that are the furthest away barely 55 kilometres apart. Another wonderful leveller is a short distance between games, which will undoubtedly cause the best players to surge to the top. There will be a lot more upsets.

Our World Cup Predictions

The 32 teams will meet in Qatar in November and December of 2022. What will happen then? Here are some of the earliest World Cup betting predictions made by the experts at bettingtop10.

This competition is unlike any other, that much is evident. It is interesting to observe how players located in Europe adapt to competing in the midst of their home seasons as this is the first event to ever be held in a northern hemisphere winter. The venue of this World Cup is another distinctive feature.

Since all eight of the hosting locations are so near together and this is the first championship to be held in the Middle East, teams will have to travel very little between games. Additionally, this competition will be held in only 29 days. There will be extremely little recovery time for the clubs and players since it is 64 games in less than a month.

These elements might all be excellent levellers. But at the same time, anticipate that those players with European bases will show up in top form. This ought to be a suspenseful thriller. As great players come in top form, goals should be observed in large quantities, therefore excellent World Cup betting predictions are to dive into those over markets for goals.

Regarding other World Cup betting projections. This is most likely the final game for legends like Messi and perhaps Ronaldo. But none of these two superstars will surpass Germany’s Miroslav Klose’s current World Cup goalscoring record unless something absolutely extraordinary occurs. Nobody playing today has a chance to match the German’s 16 goals. Thomas Muller, a fellow German, is the closest with eleven goals.

The fight for top goal scorer does seem exciting. It is already known that Messi, Romelu Lukaku, Neymar, and Harry Kane will play. Will Kane pull off the same trick and win the prize for the second straight tournament? Don’t rule it out.

And the victor is…? It is difficult to ignore France, the defending champions, while considering depth of strength. If the French does retain their crown, they will be the first team to do it since Brazil in 1962.

The Brazilians have a solid chance again, as they usually do, and certainly the World Cup betting odds reflect that. England is another option. Finalists in the 2021 European Championships and semifinalists at the 2018 World Cup. Can the English win a title that has evaded them since 1966 and go one better? It definitely is a possibility.

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