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If you’re planning a reunion (or any event) for the future year, you have a lot of options. A critical decision is what you will give as a gift in memory. The goal is to organize a memorable reunion that will be fun for everyone and have high attendance and involvement. Making memento items as relevant and personal as possible helps promote participation by giving participants something stylish, practical, and fairly priced.

Custom printed reunion t-shirts and caps are common choices for mementos because they are all of the above. When placing an order for a large group, planning is essential because it’s important to keep costs down while receiving high-quality products like christmas earrings.

Huge Group

It doesn’t take much imagination to think of issues that might occur when ordering customized t-shirts for a huge event. Any reunion planner will probably agree that it could be challenging to get shirts for a huge group. I’m sure you would hear stories of names that were misspelled on shirts or instances where planners didn’t buy enough shirts to go around if you spoke to enough planners. More planners could be heard who put off placing their orders until the last minute and gave up looking for a “quick” printing company that offered overnight service.

Each group picks these products and provides them to its members in a particular way. The most important lesson is to choose out shirts for your group early and to take a lot of things into account (not just pricing). Here are some tips that, especially if you’re new to organizing reunions, may be able to save you some money and trouble.

Consider your organization and budget before browsing for t-shirts. What kind of design, materials, colors, etc. do you prefer as a group? How much can you afford to spend on each shirt? Look through catalogs and the internet for shirts that you think will fit your needs.

Consider the Base Pricing

Consider the base pricing, available hues and sizes, delivery charges, quantity discounts, production expenses, and fabric weight when evaluating shirts just go now with Evaless.

Colors and sizes are important in terms of cost. In general, colored shirts are more expensive than white shirts. Shirts in “heathered” colors like heather gray, ash, etc. cost about average. Consider purchasing white (or heathered/neutral) shirts to save money without sacrificing quality. Extra-large (XL) and larger shirts usually cost more per piece. Tall sizes usually incur extra costs. Furthermore, not every shirt design is available in plus and tall sizes.

If you need to provide shirts for a wide range of sizes, several shirt brands sell “companion” shirts for men, women, and kids that range in size from youth to large and tall. To preserve color consistency, try to stay away from combining brands and choose for shirts from the same business that come in a range of sizes. Look at the available sizes and any additional sizing costs before choosing your shirt.

Fees and Associated Costs

Delivery fees and associated costs may rise dramatically. If you order in advance and with plenty of time to spare, delivery is simple. Most companies provide expedited shipping, which includes overnight and 2 or 3 day delivery, for a hefty fee. The quicker the delivery, the more you pay.

Don’t assume that when you click the send button on your online purchase or hang up from your phone order, the delivery clock will immediately begin to run. If a company claims the production period is seven days, don’t assume you can order something and have the shirts available to hand out seven days before your event, for example.

Quantity discounts are frequently offered for orders of a bigger size. By placing more orders, you can save more money. This is the challenging part of getting t-shirts for a group that most people don’t think about until they are really ready to place their order.

Are there any adult small, medium, huge, etc. sizes that you order? For kids, how many of each size do you order? How many tall and plus sizes do you plan to order? Do you survey your group to find out what they want, or do you make educated assumptions about the quantities and sizes and hope for the best?

The price of assembling the required tools, run charges, and art fees are all incorporated into the product’s production costs

Setup fees are the costs associated with assembling the equipment needed to print artwork on your shirts or other items. It is common to pay a set up cost for each color and each location on your imprint. That’s because artwork with several colors must be split into four hues (CMYK, which stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key) during the printing process (Black).

To cut the cost of printing manufacturing, you might consider printing with just one color or limiting the number of colors to no more than four. You can also consider consolidating your impression in one location.


From a simple graphic design, family crest, or emblem to a complex graphic design, brand, or reunion name and date, your unique artwork can take any form. Most printing companies will provide pre-made designs or graphic design services, ranging from straightforward lettering to full-service design. If you have an artist on your team, you might choose to hire them or host a contest where judges from your group pick which logo to use. You might work with a graphic designer on your own as well.

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