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Instagram continues to grow in popularity in an age when social media has already become many people’s principal source of income.

Instagram hit the 1 billion active monthly users milestone in June 2018 and has already exceeded it, according to Statista statistics.

As the fruits get sweeter, reaching for the branch becomes more difficult.

In the early days of Instagram, great approaches included determining the main aim of your account, devising a content strategy, and organizing it for maximum engagement.

Since it has become the acknowledged norm, you must go above and above to extend your channel.

This is the list of tips and tactics that will ensure a quick and simple rise in genuine followers, deliver the highest ROI, and be time well spent. Read a few tips for growing your instagram following below;

  1. Maximize the power of hashtags

Using hashtags is one of the easiest ways to get followers without following anybody else. More people will locate your content if you use hashtags.

You may add up to 30 hashtags to each post to increase its reach. Using random hashtags, on the other hand, will not work.

Going through the most general hashtags that correspond to your Instagram account is the easiest way to develop relevant hashtags that will attract more followers.

Look up the hashtags #sports, #fitness, and others referenced in the article. Look at what’s popular since using less broad hashtags enhances your chances of being noticed.

  1. Participate in communities

Following hashtags on Instagram has made keeping up with micro-communities much simpler.

You’ve already decided on the hashtags you’ll be using, so be sure to keep up with them.

Consider the hashtag to be a social group to which you want to join in order to get noticed. Comment on posts to spark debate, gain attention, and more.

  1. Communicate with important individuals

Because the core concept of social networks contains the phrase “networking,” you should do it! Your niche hashtags and communities are already set up.

And if you’ve been paying attention, you’ve probably recognized the primary actors in the group.

Like, comment, ask questions, interact with them, and attempt to establish a friendly relationship with them.

The nice thing about Instagram (and other social media sites) is that the competition does not require any pie-stealing. It’s the same as cloning your pies and exchanging them.

Make friends, help one other’s stuff, collaborate, and hold prizes for one another.

  1. Make the most of the Location tag’s possibilities

While it may seem that Instagram’s Location tag is primarily beneficial for businesses and affluent teenagers who want to brag about where they ate dinner, every Instagrammer may benefit from it.

You may utilize well-chosen locations or the location of the photograph as an “extra hashtag slot.”

Consider a passerby Googling the location of the nearest Papa John’s and seeing your funny smile and the controversial pineapple pizza you’re eating. Isn’t that begging for a response?

  1. Find new people to follow who enjoy competing websites

A tap on the shoulder is sometimes required to be noticed.

If your Instagram account is solely devoted to blueberry cupcakes, you may find some possible followers on the list of followers of the Instagram account for chocolate cupcakes.

Consider all of the people who would like viewing your content on their feed but will miss it because they haven’t discovered your account yet. Give them a shoulder tap after that.

  1. Follow a variety of users

If you’ve used Instagram for a while, you’ve probably gotten strange followers or follow-requests.

The first 15 minutes were annoying, but after that, you started paying attention to what the account was publishing.

This is because the follow/unfollow mechanism is a prominent and well-liked advertising approach. It still has some success.

Although the technique is straightforward, Instagram has not made the maximum daily or hourly amounts of followers authorized public.

Numerous factors are considered to be related, including account age, follower count, general participation, and maybe more.

  1. Improve your captions

Storytelling, communicating emotions, setting the scene, and providing background information will strengthen the post. A breathtaking photograph is still just a picture without an explanation.

A memorable caption is what turns a photograph into a story and a memory. Although captions will not increase your exposure, they will influence whether or not someone chooses to follow you.

Write intriguing article descriptions to convert visitors into followers.

  1. Beg for assistance

Since Instagram changed the way posts show on users’ timelines, follower interaction has become critical.

If there is no user engagement, your posts will be put at the very bottom of the list.

In contrast, if user participation is high, one of your posts will be viewed straight away by your followers. It’s how Instagram gets users the content they desire.

Reduce the power distance. The more individuals who engage with your material, the closer you are to your goal.

Ask a question, request a like if they can connect, make them choose between options, and show your followers that you care about them and that they have a voice.

It does not necessarily have to be a request to buy or download anything.

  1. Be consistent

Consistency is the foundation of success. As a result, stick to your publication schedule, whatever it may be.

Low engagement and account growth will result from posting seldom, yet losing followers may occur if you post often.

  1. Post at peak times

It’s not something you’ll comprehend right away. It is preferable to analyze your own statistics rather than looking for peak hours that guarantee the most likes and interactions. Why?

Photographs of blueberry muffins, I guarantee you, peak at different times than shots of Victoria Secret models!

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